Sister Wooden Place Setting
Sister Wooden Place Setting

Sister Wooden Place Setting

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A stunning addition to any top table with messages the receiver will treasure.

Make your top table stand out and give your guests something they'll remember forever. Etched with individual messages personal to each member they really are something special.

Multiple phrases are available for each guest, examples of which can been seen in the photos. If there are any Family members not listed that you wish to include please get in contact as we may be able to make something up bespoke.

Available options for this product:

Option 1: Childhood memories some big & some small, laughter and tears we've been through it all. Your support and your caring all through my life, are gifts I will treasure when I am a wife.

Option 2: I wish that I could tell you exactly what it means, to have a special sister who has shared in all my dreams. And though our lives keep changing I will still look forward to, all the many things we'll share as only sisters do.

Option 3: Sharing lots of happy times, and sometimes sharing tears, always caring for each other, together through the years. But no matter where life leads us, Dear sister, know it's true, it's been a joy to travel Down the road of life with you.

Option 4: To have you for my sister I'm as lucky as can be, So it's not hard for me to say, you mean so much to me. I'll treasure all the memories of growing up with you, For a brother and a sister form a bond that's tried and true.

Made from wood sheets that can be wiped clean in any cases of spillages! Perfect for when the wine is flowing!

Measuring roughly W5cm by H10cm each.